2014.32 Sanne Westbroek Exotic species in the Netherlands

This study was performed in the framework of an internship at the Zoogdiervereniging, as part of a minor research project (33 ec) of the master programme Environmental Biology (track Ecology and Natural Resource Management) of Utrecht University.
Within the Dutch Expertise Centre Exotics (NEC-E), the Zoogdiervereniging (The Dutch Mammal Society) works to build up knowledge about exotic mammals. One of their goals is early detection of these mammals by means of a horizon scan. The focus of this report is on exotic mammal species that are not yet present in the wild in the Netherlands. In this study it was attempted to detect potentially invasive exotic mammal species before they are present in the wild.
Eventually, more insight is obtained as to which of the mammal species currently present in trade and captivity in the Netherlands are likely to be able to establish here. If risk assessments would be conducted on these species, measures can be taken against the species posing high risks to Dutch ecology, economy and health before they become established in the wild.